Scholarships and fees

Applicants can apply for the available scholarships when they apply to the CoDaS programme. All applicants who have applied for the scholarships are considered for them. The competitive allocation of scholarships is based on application evaluation criteria. As defined in the Finnish Universities Act, the scholarship decision cannot be appealed to.

Erasmus Mundus scholarship

Erasmus Mundus scholarship covers the Programme fee (8000 EUR/academic year) for the normative duration of studies (two academic years). In addition, the Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder receives 1400€/month for the subsistence costs for the duration of the programme, max. 24 months.

Students who have previously obtained an Erasmus Mundus scholarship are not eligible to apply for an additional scholarship under the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters. Students benefiting from an EMJM scholarship cannot benefit from another EU funded scholarship scheme to follow the same (or another) EMJM Master course (for the entire period of the enrolment in the course).

During the EMJM action implementation (admissions 2024-2027), no more than 10% of the total number of scholarships are awarded to students from the same nationality.

CoDaS scholarship

CoDaS scholarship is a programme fee waiver, i.e., the scholarship covers the Programme fee (8000 EUR/academic year) for the normative duration of studies (two academic years).

Contribution to individual needs of students with disabilities

Enrolled students (with or without scholarship) with disabilities (e.g. long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments), may have contribution to costs related to the acquisition of special items or services (e.g. assistance by third persons, adaptation of work environment, additional travel/transportation costs).

The support to cover such individual needs of enrolled students, will take the form of the following special needs unit costs:

Enrolled students will declare what type of items/services are needed and their cost. The applicable unit cost will be identified as the rate corresponding to or immediately lower than the estimated expenses. This unit cost is a contribution, and is not intended to fully cover the actual costs.

Programme fee

The programme fee for the CoDaS programme is 8000 EUR/academic year. The programme fee is the same for all students of the programme regardless of their citizenship.

What is included in the Programme fee?

  • tuition fees: educational expenses such as courses, academic supervision, exams, counselling and university support services such as student services, use of library services and use of IT services in accordance with university regulations and policy concerning degree studies.
  • insurance: including accident and health insurance satisfying the minimum requirements as published by the EACEA in its guidelines for Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters.
  • summer school participation
  • conference participation
  • For students without Erasmus Mundus scholarship; 300€ contribution for travel cost to travel to second year Host University.

What is NOT included in the Programme fee?

  • travel from and to the original country of residence
  • visa and residence permit related costs
  • possible travel costs to internship positions or summer job positions, travel costs to thesis positions, if applicable
  • accommodation and personal living expenses
  • textbooks, personal computers, printers or study materials the student decides to purchase

any other compulsory or voluntary local costs that may be charged according to the university rules (e.g. student union fees, casing of thesis) or national legislation.